Who we are

Design and quality at the best price

In Bambu Europa S.L. we manufacture Ladies, Men and Children footwear since 1992 and from the begining we have always supplied our customers with top quality at the best price.

As competitive advantages we are proud of offering a bold, up-to-the minute and coherent design according to latest fashion trends.

We have grown stronger and have consolidated as a leading company in the sector thanks to our steady base, capacity of adaptability and being ahead to the changes in tendencies of the modern market.

Production Process

Design, cutting and assembly of the piece. Adaptation of the adjustment to the last of the selected style in order to, afterwards go into the process of cutting on the leather in different pieces. Making of knives/dies.

Stitching process which consists in joining all different pieces of the cut leather in order to turn them into what we call "stitched upper".

Later we go onto the assembling chain, where these stitched uppers, using the corresponding machinery, are lasted and then go into the oven for a better adjustment to follow with the process of stitching or glue the sole to the upper.

Then the upper and sole already joined in one piece are removed from the last and finally go into the last stage of finishing where the shoes is finished in detail and ready for its distribution and sale.

Whick service

We count on a staff with great experience in footwear manufacture.

Bambu Europa S.L. has more than 2.000 indirect employees. Our philosophy is to make quality products and provide our customer with the best service, for that we are dynamic and always ready to give a quick response to market needs.

Over the years we have known hoy to maintain these objectives and nowadays we enjoy a client portfolio staying with us every season and growing day by day.

Production resources

Bambu Europa S.L. owns an industrial factory of 5.600m2, three workshops for stitching in Tanger and Tetuan, one workshop for stitching in Spain and one more in India.

W work with the best materials and our production process is meticulous and handcrafted. Moreover, we are able to cover any demand of the market, always covering our customer needs.

High capacity of production

In Bambu Europa, S.L. we have a weekly production capatibility of aproximately 50.000 pairs.

All this with the help of lastest technology incorporated in our production:

  • Equipments with higher efficiency in consumption of materials and energy.
  • Computer-operated systems for control of machinery, procedure and control of production.
  • Products and process based in new technological knowledge, energetic impact and protection of environment.